about me

My first computer was a apple II copy completely assembled by me. I'm starting programming with basic and storing my programms on tapes and later on 5 1/4" floppy drive. Funny times.

After this the first ibm pc compatible xt is coming in. Then a 286. My first Unix was a system named Esix on a 386 pc with a 512mb SCSI drive from fujitsu. Man I was so proud.

And then linux is coming up. Live changes. A huge montain of 5 1/4" disks and a book namend "LinuX Anwenderhandbuch" from Hetze, Sebastian; Hohndel, Dirk; M├╝ller, Martin; Kirch Olaf u.a..

SuSe, Slackware, Debian, gentoo, etc..........

Then I'm starting with programming web applications. First web shops with a software named vshop. Adding some pages programmed with php to solve problems of vshop. My employer decided to use Zope and python. Using python was a greate decision. Easy to learn, very readable, fast solutions and endless modules for each problem to solve.

Thinks getting bigger and we need full text search realized with solr. At this time we have first contact with Flask.

After some time the development of Zope stops and at the moment we are migrating to Flask and Sencha extjs.

I've decided to start a freelancing business to learn more new things. Send me a email if you are interested.

programming languages

  • python (preferred, really like it)
  • javascript
  • shell script (bash)
  • html/css (other languages as far as needed for solving problems)


  • Flask
  • Sencha extjs
  • tornado
  • aiohttp
  • bootstrap
  • SqlAlchemy
  • SqlObject


  • postgresql
  • mysql (slightly)
  • mongodb
  • solr (full text search engine)
  • elasticsearch
  • redis
  • riak (early learning stage)
  • cassandra (early learning stage)

operating systems

  • linux (debian/ubuntu)
  • osx
  • windows


  • vi
  • sublime text
  • git
  • gitlab
  • redmine
  • apache
  • nginx
  • lektor cms
  • pelican